Ideas For Your Yard That Has Many Trees

Trees are great for the environment. If you have a large yard, you can take advantage of it by planting many trees. They will be able to provide more than just shade by adding extra beauty to your landscape. Here are 7 great ideas for your yard that has multiple trees.

1. Patio By The Trees
If you have trees that are close to the house, you can create a patio that has its shade facilitated by the trees. Ensure that you have a good tree trimming service so that the branches do not grow too long and affect the integrity of the house.

2. Bench By The Tree
You can also create a bench by the trees. This can be a great place to read when the day is hot. The rustling of the leaves when the wind blows will put you in a great reading mood. You should make sure that the bench is made from a material that will not be easily affected by the weather, especially rain.

3. Stone Pathway Between Trees
This is also another great idea for your yard. You can have a stone footpath or a gravel one leading from one tree to about three more. Place a garden around the last tree, so that the pathway will look like it is leading there. Ask your landscaper to give you some great tips on how to make the pathway look more beautiful, A great idea would be to have grass around the stones.

4. Flowers Around Tree Trunks
You can also plant some flowers beside the tree. This is ideal for tall trees that have large trunks. If you can find a few crawlers, it will make the whole outlook beautiful. Make sure you choose flowers that have noticeable flowers so that the tree will look wrapped up in flowers. Pick a flower that will not overwhelm the tree. The best part about growing flowers beneath the tree is that they will not feel too much sun because the tree’s shade will shield them.

5. Picket Fence
You can also create the look of a lonely tree by placing a short picket fence around your tree. You can choose to have a rectangular fence or a round one. To make the look more beautiful, add a small gate that looks like it gives you entrance to the tree. You might need to get some tree trimming in Fort Worth, Tx.

6. Stone Wall
Add a short Stone wall around the tree to make it look like a tiny village. This idea is perfect when you have a tree that is along a slope. One side of the wall can be higher than another. This can also make for a great sitting area. To create a rustic look, you can have the wall made using different types of stone.

7. An Aisle
If your trees are in two rows, they are the perfect way to create an aisle. You can have a stone or gravel pathway between the two trees. This will make a great place to walk along when having a stroll around your property.