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Chiropractic care is based on the idea of the alternative medicine in which chiropractic care givers specializes their attention on the spine in a belief that manipulations on a patients spine might result to self-healing (Richard and Barbara 287). The doctors involved passively moves a patient’s body joints all the way of their span of motion. This article focuses on the chiropractor Coppell, what its practitioners treat and its relevance to the health of individuals.

Chiropractic care owes its history to Daniel David Palmer in 1895. Palmer coins the word for this practice from the Greek word that refers to hand and Practice. Palmer owes the developing of chiropractic care from studies of magnetic treatments and spinal cord manipulations. He soon comes to a conclusion that spinal cord manipulation was not only a good idea in improving physical capacity of an individual but also is applicable to treat illness. It is argued by most health anatomy experts that chiropractic care is applicable and relevant to treat some diseases because it restricts blood flow. Contrary to this, Palmer believed that this practice is applicable because it enhance the restriction of nerves. Later in the 1916 David Daniel Palmer opens the first ever chiropractic care (spinal cord manipulation) school to teach and implement his ideas of chiropractic care (Rose 302).

Numerous illness such as infant colic, asthma, infertility and back pains among other illnesses are claimed to be treatable by chiropractic care givers. However what they actually treat are still under controversies. Essentially, evidence indicates that chiropractic care is applicable in treatments of low back as well as neck pains, and headaches. It is very important to note that because there are just a number of complications that available evidence show that it can treat, it does not hold that chiropractic care cannot apply in treatment of many other illnesses; it just means there has been insufficient research on what it might treat.

A visit to Chiropractic treatment centers would begin the determination of traditional health history of a patient, then a physical examination by the specialists and perhaps an x-ray. As much as treatments vary from one chiropractor to the next, it might involve spinal manipulation and stretching exercises, heat, ice or even electrical stimulation procedures.

There are various benefits to chiropractic care and this is based on the idea that the spinal cord muscles is the one that transmit movement stimulation to the rest of the body. The spinal muscles is the one that houses and protects the delicate CNS. In this respect, a healthy and active spinal cord is the best recipe for an active living and best perfuming spine. Vertebral misalignment might be as a result of two or many vertebrae are not fully functioning optimally together and this might be a cause for discomfort and utter pains, or even reduced mobility. If this go unnoticed for long, there might arise disjoint communication between a patient’s brain and the body. It is believed that these pains as a result of radiated communication from the spinal cord to the pain receptors is the onset of determination of a major indication that your body system is in an alarming health condition. It is also worth noting that absence of pain does not mean a healthy condition. The first importance of chiropractic care is that it helps patients avoid these pains.

However, specific benefits of chiropractic medicine includes best nerve communications in one’s body, good joint coordination and motion, improved body posture, great body functioning and performance, reduces bursitis, life free from arthritis, relief from acute injuries, reduces joint discomforts, free from back pains and general relief from strain and stress as well as tension. The main point is improving spinal and joint functioning. This leads to improved immune system and is the key to a balanced body that is free, flexible and functions at its optimum.

However, chiropractic care is not without its cons. As the patient’s body gets used to the new conditions and physical changes brought about by the chiropractic care, soreness occurs and these includes conditions such as temporary tiredness, headaches and general discomfort in treated areas of the body. In any case, these symptoms should diminish within a few weeks of treatment. Bone damage is another danger that spinal manipulations might result to in an individual. In infants, there might be damage to growing and still young bones. Chiropractic care is also not recommended for adults with history of bone cancer, fractured spinal cord or perhaps bone fractures. Patients with these conditions must consult a physician before they commence the chiropractic care and spinal modification.

Stroke is another danger associated with spinal cord manipulation. Stroke is especially possible due to neck modifications and adjustments though this cases are not very significant statistically speaking. In most cases and doctors of high moral integrity always advice patients on the danger of stroke due to possible spinal injury before they subscribe to spinal manipulation. A recent study reveals in 2003 that as a result of torn arteries, patients developed stroke. This perspective presents a notion that stroke conditions that owe their origins to chiropractic manipulations are prevalent among younger women. With the risks of chiropractic care weighed against its benefits, most physicians still believes that with great care and avoiding the risk conditions for spinal cord manipulation, chiropractic care is the best drug free medication ever practiced by physicians. With most insurance companies provide cover for treatment through chiropractic care in America, the same way they do to other forms of medicine oriented health treatments, chiropractic care is as applicable just as other forms of treatments in the United States and elsewhere.

In conclusion, spinal cord manipulation as idealized by Palmer has been improved over the years and is perhaps a form of therapeutic treatment of a physical nature. The fact that there are no drugs involved in this procedure makes it less prone to side effects. It has risks associated with its application but with advice from physicians prior, the risks are minimized.

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