The importance of Marriage Therapy

Most couples realize that things aren’t as blissful as they thought they would be after they get married. This sudden realization often comes, after the honeymoon period when compatibility issues begin to arise.  Sometimes, even small issues that had often been ignored during the courtship period suddenly become a major cause of concern. Children and demanding jobs sometimes get in the way, and couples find it difficult to balance their time between their relationship and responsibilities. If home workout videos or spending some time together do not solve these difficulties, seeking the advice of a marriage therapist or a marriage counselor can go a long way in saving a marriage.


We will first identify some trigger points and mannerisms that signify that you may need some professional help.

• Lack of communication – Once communication has deteriorated it is often difficult to get a relationship back on track without the involvement of a third party.

• Negative talk – Anything that leaves your partner in a position that they feel judged, shamed, insecure or disregarded destroys a relationship. If negative talk or negative communication is not checked, it may escalate to emotional abuse or nonverbal communication.

• Fear when talking – When things get to a point that you get too frightened to bring up issues then its probably time to seek therapy. Couples who fear talking to each other will suppress issues concerning sex, money or even annoying habits, until that point when things blow out of proportion.

• Withholding affection as a form of punishment – When one partner decides to take on the role of a “Parent” or a “Punisher” this creates an imbalance in the relationship or marriage.

• When one partner turns into an antagonist – When you and your partner realize that it seems like you are playing on different teams then it is probably time that you seek some help.

• A significant shift is sex life – It is not unusual for the sex life of most couples to taper off a bit after they have been together for a while, however a significant change in the bedroom may signify that things are not right.

• Being too secretive – Each partner in the marriage has a right to their privacy but when you notice that the secrecy is beyond what can be considered normal, then it is time to seek some help.

• Living sperate lives – When couples behave more like roommates than a married couple then it is a major indication that something is amiss. Living separate lives leads to lack of communication, deep conversation and intimacy.

• Arguing over the same thing over and over again – Everyone has certain triggers that drive them crazy. Although these triggers may not be bothersome to a majority of people, they may become a nuisance to your partner and be a cause of repeated arguments. A counselor can quickly identify these triggers and come up with a lasting solution.

Importance of marriage therapy

Analysing patterns

A marriage therapist can quickly identify certain behavioral characteristics and patterns that trigger conflicts. They can then devise solutions to quash this conflicts in a way that will be amicable for both parties. If a couple is spending too much time on their busy schedules, the therapist can help them free up some time in order to focus on themselves.

Getting a mediator or a coach

A marriage therapist will act as a mediator between both parties and facilitate a channel through which the couple can communicate effectively. This is particularly helpful for a couple that is willing to work on their marriage but are unable to figure out how to do it.

Provide tools to improve communication

A marriage therapist will identify tools through which the couple can improve their communication and problem-solving skills. An example of a tool that marriage counselor may use is eliminating the bad habit where one party interrupts conversations or doesn’t let the other party finish what they are saying.

Realistic expectations

A marriage therapist will help a couple create a realistic picture of how their relationship should be. They will also help both partners identify their differences, weaknesses, and strengths.


Marriage therapy helps couples to stay accountable to each other. Therapists will often assign tasks, organize a couples workout or an exercise that will help create patterns that will strengthen accountability in a relationship.


Behavior therapy

Behavior therapy is a directive form of counseling and psychological therapy that focuses on understanding how our thoughts affect our behavior. It is based on the belief that feelings result from our thoughts and if negative, result in conditions like anxiety, depression and related self-destructive action behavior. Here are some of the benefits of behavior therapy.

harmony1Puts patients in control-behavior therapy works by helping the patient identify their negative thoughts and emotions while a therapist helps them to better understand how these thoughts and emotions are controlling their actions. Then, the patient is better able to gain control over those thoughts, and the actions that are a result of them.

Effective treatment- Many patients are unsure of whether or not behavior therapy will work, particularly in cultures that tend to put more emphasis on taking prescription medications. Studies have proven that it can be effective at reducing the symptoms of multiple disorders, including, anger management issues, depression, anxiety and many more.

Long lasting -Because medication does not resolve the underlying issue, the patient often has the disorder that has required that they seek the help of a professional disorder for years. Behavior therapy, on the other hand, works by changing the though patterns of the individual, and helps to replace negative thoughts with more positive thoughts.Because of this, the changes that are made when a patient undergoes behavior therapy are often life long, helping to decrease symptoms and guaranteeing that they do not come back.

Better relationships -Often, individuals seek the help of a professional therapist due to addiction or another mental health disorder. This form of treatment helps to decrease bothersome symptoms, and in doing that, it makes the patient more self-aware than ever before. As patients are able to see how their thoughts affect their actions, and how their actions have an impact on their life as a whole, they are also able to see how their actions affect their relationships.The end result of this is that many patients experience better relationships in every aspect of their life, including work and home, as treatment progresses and they continue to make progress.

Encourages responsibility -This form of treatment is based on the behavioral model, a model that states that a person’s feelings control their thoughts, and then their thoughts control their actions. Because of this, many individuals wind up accepting the responsibility for their actions instead of blaming other people, situations, or claiming that it is because they are a victim.



The Practice Of The Therapy Profession

Therapy is an occupation that has actually raised in the recognition of the basic populace as we have actually come to be a society more concentrated on self-care and dealing with our body, mind, and heart more continually. There are several occupations that drop under the title of treatment. One of the most usual is that of psychotherapy which encompasses sorrow treatment, team therapy, couples therapy, cognitive treatment, and family treatment. People that provide companies in these kinds of treatment normally are Counselors, Social Workers, or Psycho therapists with graduate degrees. The primary emphasis is on aiding individuals, couples, and teams enhance their lifestyle through gain a far better understanding of their emotional and also psychological wellness. Generally, clients see with these experts on a weekly basis as well as may satisfy for a short-term to solve the instant demand or over a longer amount of time to obtain to much deeper problems restricting someone’s pleasure of life. Play treatment is a variant of psychiatric therapy that concentrates on collaborating with kids or those with psychological injury. Via using play techniques, the specialist intends in order to help in fixing whatever issue could be keeping the person stuck. Methods here include acting, attracting, thought-provoking games, taking photos, storytelling, as well as combining various elements like tales and also attracting. The intent is to utilize these techniques as a metaphor for assisting the child in finding a reality or comprehending about themselves.

Massage therapy and physical treatment are various other professions many more concentrated on the physical health and wellness of those who are seeking proactive or reparative health, respectively. Massage treatment is normally done on an once a week basis – or occasionally if in a hotel, beauty parlor, or health facility location. Physical therapy is a restorative recovery profession, normally affiliated with a health center or outpatient clinic. Enhanced movement, movement, or a decline hurting are the normal purposes of somebody seeking physical treatment.

Via the use of various kinds of therapy, in Texas, people can raise their quality of life emotional, psychologically, and literally.

Therapeutic Thinking

Thinking out loud about Therapeutic Experiences

LogoSpend a week in a cubicle, or office space sans walls and you might find yourself researching therapy in your free time. It has become well known that therapy is a natural aspect of life. The most stalwart kings of old and the most important leaders of our day are surrounded by people who offer counsel and fill many of the roles of a therapist. Each counselor and aide provides their own views and ideas to help meet your needs. If every man is a king of his castle, then it follows that you too desire and need therapy. Maybe not physical, sexual or karmic therapy, but we all know we need therapy for something.

We buy candles and investigate Aroma Therapy. We consider the counsel of close friends therapeutic, and every day we like to have a little “me time.” Whatever your method of having therapeutic experiences you can be sure that some of these aspects make your time fulfilling:

  1. You decide the parameters of the event
  2. You experience a sense of quiet – a removal of unwanted distractions
  3. You were physically relaxed – got a massage, a dopamine building “pat on the back,” or ate a delicious meal
  4. You were affirmed and possibly received some reflective opportunities
  5. It may have been cathartic – you got rid of some of your baggage – emotional, physical, spiritual

Consider for a moment your need for therapy and then consider that you may be best equipped to decide what therapy you need. The process of choosing your own reprieve from the busy and costly labors of life will be therapeutic for you. Hope you have a great afternoon and turn off your phone while you get some therapy from someone real. Have a great day. Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out…